Thursday, December 18, 2014

New to Napa, CA? Here Are Our Favorite Wineries

Napa, California is known for their wide array of wineries, making it one of the most popular destinations for wine aficionados and amateurs alike. With so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming in deciding which winery is best to visit. We came up with a list of some of our favorites to help you along the way in your decision making process. In all reality, you can’t go wrong; you’re choosing from some of the top wineries in the world, but here are a few of our favorites anyway.

This winery is one of the few in Napa Valley that is permitted to have a restaurant and that alone means it deserves to be on our list. The tasting lounge offers dishes made me Chef Perry Hoffman that pair perfectly with their selection of Chandon sparkling wines.

The Clif Family has their hand in more than just energy bars. This unique winery gives you a change to rent a road bike and do a 24 mile Cold Springs Loop tour that takes you past the organic farm and vineyards. You can start your day with espresso and end it with wine tasting, an experience that is unique to the Velo Vino winery.

This is the older winery on Pritchard Hill and offers not only some of Napa’s best Cabs, but breathtaking views. Their 90-minute Vineyard Tour and Tasting includes a walk through the organic vineyards overlooking the hills. You also can take part in seated tastings of new releases.

This winery combines wine, appetizers, and rock music to give you an incredibly unique experience. Each of the vineyard blocks is named for a rock song while the Platinum Playlist tasting offers a variety of exquisite wines. Rock songs in the background accompany your tasting.

About the Author: Sarah is a guest contributor from Churchill Manor, a Napa Valley bed and breakfast perfect for weekend getaways, weddings, or any special event. 

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