Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Visiting Hocking Hills State Park, For Beginners

Hocking Hills State Park offers an excellent variety of activities among the gorgeous setting of Ohio's Hocking State Forest. The park actually consists of five distinct sections, each with its own character and unique landscapes. Here are some tips for beginners about the best things to see and do throughout the park:

Ash Cave is situated in the southernmost section of Hocking Hills State Park and is absolutely the most stunning feature of the park! Visitors approach the cave via a small gorge that contains huge beech trees and multiple other hardwood trees, as well as a gorgeous display of wildflowers throughout the year. After hiking along the 1/4 mile gorge, you'll reach the incredible cave shelter and an impressive overhanging ledge. Simply park at the marked parking lot and walk to the cave.

Although Cantwell Cliffs is located in the remote northern section of the park, it is well worth the trip! This is an excellent spot for hiking as a winding trail winds along narrow passageways and leads to a beautiful rock shelter. When hiking at Cantwell Cliffs, you have a choice of following the trails along the rim or on the valley floor. We recommend that you try both trails to get a different vantage point of Cantwell Cliffs.
Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls is a 1/2 mile hiking trail that runs along steep rock walls and picturesque waterfalls. Note that to reach the falls, you should be in relatively good physical condition as 100 steps descend to the viewing area. Although this doesn't sound so bad, just keep in mind that you have to climb back up the stairs after your visit.
Old Man's Cave 

Old Man's Cave is the most popular section of Hocking Hills State Park as it contains miles of spectacular hiking trails connecting other sections of the park, and the gorge in this area provides the unique opportunity to view the subsurface of the earth. The cave itself is actually a recessed portion of the gorge that was once inhabited.
Rock House

Unlike the Old Man's Cave, the Rock House is an actual cave that has become a popular tourist attraction for visitors. After exploring the cave, be sure to check out other recreational opportunities at Hocking Hills State Park such as hiking, fishing and camping.

About the Author: Chandler is a guest contributor from Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, a beautiful inn located near Hocking Hills State Park.

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